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Motor City Ink Set

Detroit put a nation on wheels and rolled us through a lifetime of memories. Lost summer days, chrome polish, pocket change for a burger and a few gallons of gas for cruising. Life wasn’t always easy, but a V8 would definitely make it fast and fun. Our Motor City Ink Set is a flashback to Detroit speed. Here are 12 tattoo hues inspired by vintage sheet metal fantasies, high gloss paint and all the reckless joys of a fine ride.
Motor City Ink Set from $116.00 USD
Blackbird from $11.00 USD
Bondo from $11.00 USD
Exhaust from $11.00 USD
Galaxy Blue from $11.00 USD
GTO Teal from $11.00 USD
Classic Emerald from $11.00 USD
Roadrunner Green from $11.00 USD
Eternal Orange from $11.00 USD
Mudflap Brown from $11.00 USD
Vette Red from $11.00 USD
Rusty Red from $11.00 USD
Cuda Purple from $11.00 USD