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    Jess Yen Signature Series

    Jess Yen’s tattoo art blends elements of realism and materialism into one fluid image. Eternal Ink worked with Master Yen to produce 22 stunning ink hues that capture the intensity and majesty of oriental tattoo art. Each color has been formulated for traditional and tebori tattoo styles. The Jess Yen ink set includes one bottle of Keep It Wet. All bottles are 2 oz.
    Jess Yen Set $380.00 USD
    Ninja Black $19.25 USD
    Lantern Yellow $19.25 USD
    Incense Brown $19.25 USD
    Buddha Gold $19.25 USD
    Silk White $19.25 USD
    Tibetan Red $19.25 USD
    Daruma Red $19.25 USD
    Rising Red $19.25 USD
    Momo Peach $19.25 USD
    Peony Purple $19.25 USD
    Lotus Tip $19.25 USD
    Geisha Pink $19.25 USD
    Sakura Pink $19.25 USD
    Green Dragon $19.25 USD
    Imperial Jade $19.25 USD
    Indigo Dye $19.25 USD
    Han Purple $19.25 USD
    Fuji Blue $19.25 USD
    Immovable Dark $19.25 USD
    Immovable Medium $19.25 USD
    Immovable Light $19.25 USD