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True Grip V-Pen Grips

True Grip 5 have a combination of memory foam and "True Coating" rubber that gives dual textures to help retain the artist's grip with ink, ointments and soaps.

True Grip 5 comfortably widen the artists grip on the pen machine or larger tube and minimize damaging vibrations caused by machines and tubes in the tattoo artist's hand, therefore extending an artist's career by helping prevent carpal tunnel, numbness in the thumb and fingers, unwanted finger calluses and many other issues with hands & fingers caused by every day tattooing with tubes.

True Grip 5 is an easy solution to get the most comfortable results you are looking for with an incredibly comfortable grip on your pen machine, all while having the luxury of being disposable. All True Grips products come with our unique, exclusive, larger True Rinse Cup, which makes True Grips the industry's first dual use disposable tattoo product. Give them a try today, your hands deserve it!


  • Larger diameter True Grip cover.
  • Larger True Grip fits pen tattoo machines.
  • Combo foam and rubber grip cover. 
  • New larger 5oz. True Rinse Cup size.
  • Inner Diameter = 1.26”
  • Outer Diameter = 1.9”
  • Grip Length = 1 7/8" 
  • EO Gas sterilized & Work ready.
  • Eco-Friendly Memory Foam.
  • Form fits the artists hand while working.
  • "True Coating" retains grip with ink, ointments and soaps.
  • Soft yet firm grip provide maximum comfort while gripping.
  • Fits over most 1.33 / 33mm tattoo tube grip.
  • Expands tube grip diameter up to 2”.
  • Widens Artists grip for added comfort.
  • Absorbs unwanted Vibrations and Sounds.
  • Non-Slip True coating retains grip while working.
  • Non-Forced Ergonomics conform to fit hand.
  • Most comfortable grip cover on the market.
  • Individually packaged for easy setup & Disposal.