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    True Grip Covers

    Box of 25 True Grips 
    The First Ever Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Disposable "True Grip" Covers. Duel-Layered memory foam grip absorbs majority of machine vibration. 
    Works with any companies steel or disposable 1" tattoo tube grip 
    Non-Forced Ergonomics allows hand to naturally conform to grip. 
    No Slip Texture, retains grip with soaps, inks & ointments. 
    Completely Biodegradable & Disposable Grip Covers. 
    Trademarked True Tube Logo printed on each grip. 
    EO Gas Sterilized, individually and Work Ready. 
    Won't get slippery with soap, inks, or ointments. 
    Single Grip Covers allow for easy setup. 
    Widens Artists hand for added comfort. 
    Individually packaged and Sterilized. 
    Extremely snug, strong and durable. 
    Most Comfortable Grip Cover Ever! Fits over any 1' tube grip. 
    True Grip Length is 1.75" Relieves hand and finger fatigue. Absorbs Vibration and Sound. Expands outside tube grip to 1.5"