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INK-EEZE Ink Guard Film

Ink Guard Film has been engineered specifically to keep up with your lifestyle after getting tattooed. Providing powerful protection from the elements while remaining ultra-breathable, this new product locks in your body's own immune cells & healing agents to mend wounds and nourish your skin like never before.

  • Ensures your client's tattoo heals brighter and maintains darker blacks by blocking out harmful irritants like sunlight, dirt, microbes, and even water to maximize ink's vibrancy
  • Offers an advanced healing experience by providing an ultra-breathable, lightweight construction that helps deliver oxygen to wounded skin while locking in your body's natural healing agents
  • Does not crinkle or stick to your clothes
  • The blacktop layer helps protect skin from direct sunlight
  • 6 in x 11 yd roll
    Type: Matte Clear

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