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    True Grip 2 Covers

    Box of 25 True Grips 
    True Grips II work great with "Original" True Tube & any other 1" stainless or disposable tubes!
    True Grips II have both recessed and raised grooves for maximum grip control and hand comfort
    while working. The 1/4" wide higher and lower sections allow the artists hand and fingers to
    settle into the True Grip how the artist feels the most comfortable, ensuring the most ergonomic
    experience a tattoo artist can have!
    True Grips II Benefits & Features:
    ■ True Grips 2 are the 1st ever multi-layer
    & multilevel
    grip cover.
    ■ True Grips 2 are a hybrid of the “Original” True Grips.
    ■ Perfect for both smaller artist hands and larger artist hands.
    ■ The perfect fit to any 1” steel or disposable tattoo tubes.
    ■ Alleviates vibrations that cause carpal tunnel & other hand issues.
    ■ Increases tattoo artist’s grip width from both 1.25 “ up to 1.5 “.
    ■ ¼” memory foam levels allow artists fingers to adjust comfortably to tubes.
    ■ DualLayered
    memory foam grip absorbs majority of machine vibration.
    ■ NonForced
    Ergonomics allows hand to naturally conform to grip.
    ■ No Slip Texture, retains grip with soaps, inks & ointments.
    ■ Completely Biodegradable & Disposable Grip Covers.
    ■ Replaces wrapping paper towels to enlarge your grip.
    ■ EO Gas Sterilized, individually and Work Ready.
    ■ Extremely snug, strong and durable.