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Tattoos Cure Cancer
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Tattoos Cure Cancer

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The tattoo community has always reached out a helping hand to others in need. It’s what makes our community a family. The Tattoos Cure Cancer (TCC) organization is a perfect example of this generosity of time, talent and abilities.

With all the positive energy the TCC is generating, Eternal Ink is honored to donate these custom four-color ink sets to raise awareness and money for this cause. Box design art is by the talented JT Miller and each set includes a flash sheet of ribbon art by Adam Guyout. We only have a handful of these special ink sets available here at Eternal Tattoo Supply. When we are out of sets, click the link and purchase your Tattoos Cure Cancer set (and/or t-shirt) direct from the TCC webstore.

The TCC raises awareness and money at live tattooing events and by selling Tattoos Cure Cancer merchandise. This is a group effort led (in part) by Adam Guyout with and a big assist by many, many more.

All proceeds raised from Tattoos Cure Cancer will be divided into two categories. A percentage will go directly to cancer research to help find a cure for cancer. The rest will be used to aid those individuals and their families that are fighting cancer to obtain life-saving treatment that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

Adam Guyout and his TCC team can be reached at:

To learn more, visit:

IG: @tattooscurecancer

FB: @tattooscurecancer/

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