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NeoTat 3.5mm Vivace Rotary Machine

Vivace weighs in at an impressive 4 oz., and features a removable, interchangeable motor cartridge to allow for quick and easy adjustments to the machine's stroke length.
The Vivace is now available in 3 stroke lengths - 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.2mm. The 3.5 stroke length can be used for everything from lining and shading to packing in color. The 4.2 has become popular as a color packer, creating thicker and bolder lines. The 2.5 stroke length has found a trend in the way it can blend colors but especially its use in black and gray and gray wash as well.

NeoTat and Vivace' Tattoo Machines are consistent, smooth running machines that have a unique mechanism that produces a perfectly straight linear motion.

It's ergonomic, silent design and low level of vibration help to cut down on the fatigue typically experienced with long tattoo sessions.

Easy to disassemble and clean. Maintenance is minimal - oiling is required after every 200 hours of use, a small bottle of SuperLube oil is included. NeoTat machines allow you to spend less time on your machines, and more time tattooing.

A guide clip is standard on all machines, which holds the needle bar in place, eliminating the need for rubber bands for this purpose. The design of the Vivace and NeoTat make it compatible with all tubes, grips and needle set ups.

Operates at 8 - 18 volts.
Specify Color and Stroke
Unique Invention by Ray Webb
Rubber Bands not necessary
The motor is on the bottom of the machine and pulls the needle slider down and back up in a perfectly straight reciprocal action without side to side wobble.

Unique Clip beneath needle nipple holds needle bar.

Made in the USA