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Envy Gen 2 Extra Long Taper Cartridges

Building on the foundation of the game-changing, tried-and-true Envy Cartridges, the Envy Gen 2 Cartridge features the industry's first finger ledge; providing a level of comfort and control never before seen in a needle cartridge. Made with the same outstanding quality that artists have come to trust from TATSoul, Gen 2 Cartridges feature the artist-tested, signature Envy Needle pins and configurations that you know and love.

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Artist Approved
Artists drive our innovation and TATSoul puts artist feedback into all of our product designs

Perfect Needle Taper
Envy cartridge needles are perfectly shaped and they offer a configuration for every need

Quality Process
Envy has the highest standard QC process in the industry. Each needle must undergo a thorough 30 point inspection process before it can earn the Envy name

Cartridge Finger Ledge
A unique and industry-first feature, the cartridge finger ledge gives you the perfect place to rest your finger while working

Each box contains 10 cartridges.

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    Type Size Gauge Price Quantity
    Round Liner 1 08/0.25mm $21.99
    Round Liner 1 10/0.30mm $21.99
    Round Liner 1 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Round Liner 3 08/0.25mm $21.99
    Round Liner 3 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Round Liner 5 08/0.25mm $21.99
    Round Liner 5 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Round Liner 7 08/0.25mm $21.99
    Round Liner 7 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Round Liner 9 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Round Shader 3 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Round Shader 5 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Round Shader 8 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 7 08/0.25mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 7 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 9 08/0.25mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 9 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 11 08/0.25mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 11 10/0.30mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 13 08/0.25mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 13 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 15 08/0.25mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 15 10/0.30mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 15 12/0.35mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 17 08/0.25mm $21.99
    Curved Mag 11 12/0.35mm $21.99