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Ego HawkFlow Disposable Cartridge Tube

Box of 15 EGO HAWKFLOW disposable cartridge tubes in gray. 
The EGO HAWKFLOW Disposable Tubes are a high end, premium tube designed to enable you to use Cheyenne Hawk needle cartridges with standard use machines. They are designed to work with high end premium rotary machines that are powerful enough to push cartridge systems. 
The BIOHAWK shape is made from a very soft silicone like material and is ergonomically designed to sit in the grip of your hand very comfortably. The inner tube and backstem is made from a very high quality and very strong ABS plastic material. Due to the simplicity in the way the Cheyenne Hawk cartridge system works, only one tube is needed per tattoo, as cartridges simply click in and out when changing sizes. Each tubes comes complete with its own needle plunger bar in sterile disposable blister packaging so everything is completely one use only.