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Free shipping on orders over $99!*

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Black Jack Bugpin Liner Bar Needles

Box of 50 pre-packaged, individual blister packs.
Black Jack needles are the newest addition to our needle line-up. With over 35 years in the industry, Terry "Tramp" Welker went from soldering his own needles to manufacturing a product line that matches the same  professional quality he perfected for his own artwork. We wanted to offer a needle that exceeded the standard quality found all over the market. We are confident that every new needle you pull from the box will be consistent to the top quality of the last. To minimize trauma to the skin, each needle is finished with a smooth solder and precision sharp point. All Black Jack needles are guaranteed with a thorough inspection and ethylene oxide sterilization.  
We recommend pairing Black Jar Bar needles with our Eternal Disposable Tubes. Please follow the suggested size options for ordering:
Stardard #12 Liners- Up a size in round tip tubes or equal diamond tip.
Example: 5 round liner needle (1205RLB) = 7 round tip tube (7BRT) or 5 diamond tip tube (5BVT)
Bugpin #10 Liners- Equal size round or diamond tip tube. 
Example: 5 round bugpin liner needle (1005RLB) = 5 round tip tube (7BRT) or  5 diamond tip tube (5BVT)
Size: 7 Round Bugpin Liner