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Eternal Ink REACH 2022 Statement

Here at Eternal Ink we are working hard to ensure we are compliant with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) 2022 come next January. We are working on multiple fronts to ensure compliance by working with legal and political teams, research and development teams, and the industry all at the same time.

These new regulations are not industry specific and cover over 4,000 substances, which makes this very challenging. However, we want to make sure we get this right. The most important and most time­ consuming part of this process is the testing. Not only are we testing in labs, but we are also testing in the skin. It is important to know, the work we are doing today will continue well beyond January of next year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

• What are these regulations about?
Every few years REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) looks at tattoo pigments and based on their assumptions they change regulatory chemical concentrations allowed in tattoo pigments. The last round of regulations was in 2008.

• What are we as an ink company doing to comply?
Eternal Ink has a team of scientist, toxicologists and industry experts working to research and develop the safest, cleanest, and most viable ink possible.

• Is the current Eternal Ink line safe to use?
While the pigments we produce today are safe, clean, and viable, we are working on a line that specifically caters to the REACH 2022 regulatory suggestions.

• If I’m not in the EU, why should I care?
This is a worldwide industry concern. Unfortunately, the EU was the first to pass any laws or regulations regarding tattoo pigments therefore government agencies around the world are looking to them for guidance. The UK, Australia and the US FDA are watching what the EU is doing.

• Where can I find credible information?
Save The Pigments

• What can I do to help?
Speak up, have your voice be heard. Join organizations. Write your government representatives. Sign petitions.

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