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MedTatt Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser

MedTatt Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser

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Indication: For management of minor skin abrasions, minor lacerations, minor irritations, minor cuts, minor burns and intact skin.
Directions of Use: Apply MedTatt antimicrobial skin cleanser
directly on and around the wound to flush away dirt and debris.
Thoroughly clean the wound. If dressing is used, saturate it with
MedTatt antimicrobial skin cleanser and apply directly over the
wound. Dressing should extend beyond the wound margins.
Flush the wound with MedTatt antimicrobial skin cleanser and
apply a fresh moistened dressing one or more times daily as
needed. Soak adherent dressings with MedTatt antimicrobial skin
cleanser to ease removal.
Warning: Not for injection. In case of deep or puncture wounds,
animal bites, or serious burn, consult a healthcare professional. If
conditions persist or worsen for longer than seven days, consult a
healthcare professional. For external use only, keep out of the
reach of children.
Side Effects (Possible): There may be a temporary burning or
stinging sensation when first applied to broken skin.
Handling: No special precautions required.
Storage: Store at room temperature in its original sealed
container away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not freeze. Do
not use after expiration date.
Stability: Product has a shelf life of 12 months from date of
Disposal: No special disposal considerations required.
Ingredients: Ionized water (99.928%), Sodium chloride
(0.06%), Hypochlorous acid (0.01%) and hypochlorite Ion

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