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    Red-Dot Liner Cartridge Needles

    Red-Dot Tattoo Cartridge needles are a membrane style cartridges and are manufactured with the same top quality of all Eternal brand products. These 316 surgical stainless steel cartridge needles are packaged in boxes of 20 and are wrapped in individual sterile blister packs. Red-Dot cartridges will fit all types of cartridge grips and Cheyenne machines. 
    Diameter and Taper Specifications:
    Standard Liners: .35mm, Long Taper
    Bugpin Liners: .30mm, Long Taper
    Power Liners: .40mm, Super Tight, Extra Long Taper
    Hollow Liners: .35mm, Medium Taper
    Super Tight Liners: .35mm, Super Tight, Extra Long Taper