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Welker Coils

New Welker Coils.  State of the art in coil development from Eternal Tattoo Supplies engineering department.  
Our coils start with a custom designed bobbin.  
  1.  The bobbin’s nylon construction provides a dielectric and a thermo barrier to defer generated heat from transferring to the core and subsequently to the machine frame.
  2.  We have incorporated gentle ramps at the start of the winding of the magnetic wire to prevent any type of kink that would raise the resistance and hinder the flow of current though the winding.
  3.  The walls of the bobbin have been reinforced with gussets to prevent wall bending during the winding process allowing for a perfect wire stack-up.
  4.  Further enhancing the winding process we added ribs to the bobbin cylinder to locate the first wrap of wire with a ramp up at the opposite end of the winding start to aid in placing the wire in the proper position for the next wrap of wire.
  5.  To aid in making strong sealed coil we added interlocking tabs to the bobbin walls that mold into the outer case protecting the coil wraps.
  6.  After the winding is complete the fragile magnetic wire is terminated and soldered to a flexible stranded wire to make connections to the binding posts. The connection takes place inside the outer case further protecting the coil from damage or contamination.

After the winding and wire connections are made the entire assembly is covered in a custom made encapsulation with the following features:
  1.  The encapsulation made of a strong thermoplastic protects the fragile coil wraps  from contaminates and physical damage.
  2.  The encapsulation material is a specially formulated thermoplastic that unlike a shrink wrap or other type of coil wire coverings is designed to act like a radiator allowing heat to escape outward at a high rate redirecting it away from the core and subsequently to the machine frame.
  3.  The soldered connections of the magnetic wire to the flexible stranded wire is contained inside the over molded encapsulation.
  4.  The coils come embossed with the “Welker” brand name and are proudly made to high quality standards 100% in the U.S.A.
The coil cores are designed with the following features:
  1.  After extensive testing a 12L14 material was chosen for its higher magnetic flux generation and faster reaction to a magnetic field applied and removed.
  2.  The cores receive a full heat treatment in a high vacuum furnace reaching 1650 degrees and a controlled cooling process to attain the optimal soft magnetic qualities.
  3.  The cores are finally given a black oxide finish for visual purposes and corrosion protection.
All coils come complete with the following hardware:
8 wraps are available in 1 inch and 1 ¼  inch with 22uf 40V aluminum electrolytic mini can capacitors.
10 wraps are available in 1 inch and 1 ¼ inch with 47uf 40V aluminum electrolytic mini can capacitors.
All coils are only available in black.