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Custom Welker Road Runner Shader by Norm

Terry "Tramp" Welker and LA based artist Norm of Love Letters Tattoo collaborated to create these custom hand-built machines. Norm took the original design of the Welker Road Runner and incorporated the geometry of his favorite machines to create a custom traditional build. You'll love the feel and quality of this west coast inspired Welker machine.

The Welker Road Runner is a durable, quality shader for black and gray or color. It is designed to run all needle groupings by adjusting the volts delivered to the machine. The 3-piece frame is hand-made, steel cut, brazed and finished in the USA. A support bar installed within the frame provides a solid, balanced feel when tattooing. The rear binding post is positioned to the side for a more comfortable clip cord placement. Designed with a rear-pinch tube vice, the Welker Road Runner will accommodate all sizes of disposable and metal tubes.

Front and rear binding post and contact screws are solid brass. The brass contact screw provide excellent conductivity. The Charger is built with 18 gauge, hand-cut, one piece springs. The armature bar is made of one piece steel with recessed holes. Machine comes with 8 wrap 1 1/2 inch coils for a smooth hitting shader. All coils are wrapped in black protective tape. Coil cores are made of iron. Vice grip tightens with the custom Welker thumb turn screw.

Machines are 100% hand made in the USA.

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