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Artist's Palette Series Featuring Dan Pemble

Dan Pemble s approach to traditional tattoo art is flawless in its energy, color and skill. A Northern Michigan resident, Pemble s art captures the spirit of the outdoor beauty yet fully honors the character of traditional tattoo art. Eternal Ink invited Dan Pemble to reveal how he tattoos with five of his favorite Eternal Ink pigments.

 The Artist s Palette series features several of the favorite Eternal Ink colors used by established and successful tattoo artists from around the world. This on-going series is created to highlight the talents and color choices of Eternal Ink artists. Every Artist s Palette includes photos with color placement pinpointed on a finished tattoo. If you are looking for some insight on an artist s color choices, check out the Artist s Palette series!

This set includes Cool Light Gray (MM14), Clay Gray (EM11), Harvest Gold (CS24), Light Red (E06) and Rose Satin (EP09).