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Welker Rotary Service Kit

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The Welker Rotary Maintenance kit.

 It is important to keep your Welker Rotary machine properly maintained. The internal oil and lube should be cleaned and replaced after every 100 hours of use. To keep your Welker Rotary running in top form, we recommend the Welker Rotary maintenance kit. The maintenance kit provides you with a lifetime supply of the recommended LITE oil and GEAR lube – the exact oil you need to keep your Welker Rotary running in top form.

To disassemble, clean and oil your machine, the maintenance kit also includes: (1) T6 torx key, (1) 0.05 Hex key, (4) cotton swabs and (4) extra casing screws.

Visit www.welkertattoomachines.com   > INFO  > SERVICE  to see a step-by-step video for cleaning, oiling and lubing your Welker Rotary.

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