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Original True Tubes- Mag Shaders

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12 Tubes per Box

True Tube™ is the "Original" steel tip disposable tattoo tube of it’s kind! True Tubes have been tested and researched by todays top tattoo artists, many of today’s top tattoo artists use them for their tattooing! True Tubes have high quality 304L, angled cutback tips for better needle visibility and accurate tattooing! With it's unique steel tip, “True Tube”™ is the industries first ever "Original" disposable tube that allows your machine to run consistently at it’s “True” speed. 
True Tube™ is an innovative, inexpensive alternative to plastic tip disposable tubes, while also eliminating the potential risk of injecting plastics into the body. True Tube maintain the metal on metal relationship with the tube and needle, ultimately allowing your tattoo machine to run the way it was intended, at it's "True" speed. Plastic tipped disposable tubes make your machines run different than they should. Plastic produces unnecessary friction, therefore machines need to run at higher voltage, creating greater friction and making tattoo needles hit the skin too hard. True Tubes solve these issues and make tattooing fluent and enjoyable for the artist. True Tube™ disposable tattoo tubes are work ready, sterilized and ready to use. These revolutionary, disposable tubes are available for most needle configurations and come in a variety of round and diamond tip liners as well as 5 thru 13 shader tips.. The safety of using disposable tubes is essential in everyday tattooing. “True Tube”™ is not only safer for your clients, it also eliminates the need to scrub tubes ever again. True Tubes eliminate the need of unwanted costs of an autoclave, ultrasonic machines, bags, chemicals and other risks. Ideal for artists, tattoo studios and the traveling tattooist, “True Tube”™ eliminates scrubbing tubes and allows the artist more time to focus on creating quality tattoos with the best quality disposable tubes available today! Don’t fall for low quality cheap imitations! Use the "Original" True Tube. Researched, tested and designed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists!  

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