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Norm Eternal V Coil Machine

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This Norm/Eternal coil machine is the newest addition to the line of Eternal Tattoo Machines. Norm's V frame geometry makes for a smooth machine loaded with short one inch, 8 wrap coils for a fast, hard punch machine. Each frame has a unique hand engraved Eternal script design by Norm.  

- Handmade in the USA

- Copper Binding Posts

- Black Powder Coat Coin Screw

- Rear Pinch Tube Vice

- shown in Black, Gun Blued, Red and White


Guaranteed for life. 

 Braised multi piece frame hand made in Los Angeles. 

 Also gun blued and engraved for a one off custom look. 

 Short 1 inch 8 wrap coils for a fast hard punch machine. 

 V frame geometry makes for a fast smooth machine 

Good for all line weights. 

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