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Hawk Tattoo Power Supply
Hawk Power Unit 1

Hawk Tattoo Power Supply

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The digital control unit POWER UNIT by CHEYENNE complements the HAWK perfectly. There are neither twisting nor sliding controllers which allows for simple cleaning. The frequency of strokes can be regulated in steps of 10 from 50 to 150 when the unit is turned on. You can use this power supply to run any tattoo machine on the market. With the new Cheyenne Power supplies PU1 and PU2 you won't have any problems to start and run your new Thunder. An integrated board makes it possible to start the machine with 4-6V. PU 1 & 2 have built in jump-start Starter Cable Chip. Special Starter Cable not required. 

The PU1 unit enables you to control one machines while the PU2 Power unit allows you to connect and alternate between two tattoo machines. 

*ideal for the THUNDER *digital *fast & simple adjustment levels *small and lightweight *easy cleaning

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