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Hawk Pen Rotary Machine

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The new Cheyenne Hawk PEN!  Set includes Hawk PEN 25 mm (1 inch) grip in black with connection cable, PEN holder, and manual. 

Operating voltage: 5-13 V DC
Power Input: 15 VA
Stitch Frequency:  55-165 Hz
Stroke: 3.5mm
Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4.5mm
Connection: 3.5mm jack plug
Propulsion: Precision DC Motor
Operating Mode: Continous Operation
Dimensions: Diameter 54.4 / Length 123mm
Weight: 130g

The Hawk PEN is to be used with the Cheyenne cartridge needle system and can be operated with the Hawk PU1 and PU2 power units as well as the cables of the Thunder and Spirit.  

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