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HM Evolution Rotary Machine

HM Evolution Rotary Machine

Part Number: MCH-HMEV
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Machine designed to achieve the results of working with a Traditional Coil Machine set-up with today's Rotary Machine technology.

An ideal machine for Color Packing/large scale Black & Grey work - (example - Japanese background work), capable of pushing any needle groupings, small - big.

A great running Machine for a variety of Techniques

- Frame: One piece, CNC 7075 Aviation Grade Aluminum

- Motor: 22mm Swiss Maxon

-10 mm diameter German Made Sealed Bearing.

-Clipcord Connection

- 3.4mm Stroke (with Dampening system)....

- Recommended Working Voltage, 5.5 - 9 Volts....


Brass frame machined from one block, for those that like the reliability of a heavier Rotary machine....

Made in Spain.

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