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Eikon EMS 420 Power Supply

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Introducing the brand new and improved EMS420 Power Supply from Eikon. 

Accuracy and responsiveness are critical during the tattoo process. You need to be able to tap into your desired voltage, with precise response and control. Inaccuracy simply can’t happen. So – we have completely re-written the operating system, incorporated smart chip technology and made some changes both inside and out. 

  • High touch sensitivity voltage adjustment buttons for quick and accurate fine touch adjustments and rapid 0.2 volts/3 x per second coarse voltage adjustments. 
  • Brightly lit green LCD display and LED buttons 
  • Durable precision laser cut stainless steel stand 
  • Designed and manufactured using 95% North American quality components
  • Capacitance Touch User Interface
  • Smooth consistent power for both Rotary and Coil machines
  • Additional display reading allow you to view cycles per second, duty cycle, follow through, amps, diagnostics, and timer.
  • Precision Voltage Adjustments- Increase or decrease your voltage of 0.1 or rapid coarse adjustments of 0.2 volts
  • 4 Voltage Presets- automatically save your last used settings of favorites
  • 2 Footswitch Modes
  • 2 Timer Modes
  • Sleep Mode- 30 minutes
  • Cables routed out the back to reduce interference
  • Gumshoe sticky foot for a secure placement
  • Custom Metallic gold fleck green enclosure to withstand harsh surface disinfectants
  • Worldwide Compatibility
Dimensions-  6.5" L x 2"W x 5.785" H

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