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For the proper and best transfer results, use this thermal copier carrier. This carrier is to be used with the paper and thermal copier machines, like the Panenka Thermal Imager, for a smooth, detailed transfer. It also helps protect the transport rollers from damage and wax residue, which can affect transport. Carriers can be used more than once, but must be replaced when it has lost its shape or becomes dirty. This listing is for one carrier.


  • For use with 11 thermal copier paper- Dimensions:  9 (W) x 13.75 (L)
  • For use with 14 thermal copier paper- Dimensions:  9 (W) x 17 (L)
  • Compatible with Panenka Thermal Copier and other thermal copier machines
  • Facilitates smooth, detailed stencil transfers
  • Good for multiple uses
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Price per one carrier

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