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4 Ounce Bottle Sizes

Providing the freshest ink available is important to us. It is part of our relationship with the artists that rely on our product. We can best accomplish this with frequent turnover of medium to small size bottles. We also are keenly aware that certain colors are used in higher quantities than other colors. This can be said of the 66 standard colors, black and white inks, the Gray Wash series and the Big Meas series. Each of these inks is used at a much faster rate than the specialty colors.


Production of 4 oz bottle size will continue for the following inks:

Marshall Bennett Signature Series

Eternal Ink Gray Wash

Big Meas Signature Series

Eternal Ink Standard 66 Ink Colors

*Blackbird from the Motor City Ink Set

*Perfect Black and *Perfect White from the M Series


Production of the 4 oz bottle size will be discontinued for the following inks:

Myke Chambers’ Signature Series

Halo Fifth Dimension Signature Series

Chukes’ Seasonal Spectrum Series

M Series* (exceptions: Perfect Black & Perfect White)

Liz Cook Signature Series

Motor City Ink Set* (exception: Blackbird)

Portrait Skin Tone Set

Muted Earth Tones Set

Zombie Color Set



Any existing 4 oz inventory will be sold for $20 a bottle on a first-come basis.


We apologize for any inconvenience, but feel this is the correct decision for our product and the industry.